Founded in 1961, First Pacific Corporation (FPC) is a recognized leader in the Dental Services Industry, providing financial and practice management solutions to dental practices for over 60 years.

Our dental industry experience and expertise in patient billing, insurance claims management, and dental practice consulting, enables our dental clients to focus on providing high-quality services to their patients and growing their practice.

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FPC provides professional and cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management Services that improve the financial strength and efficiency of a dental practice.

By utilizing our suite of financial and Revenue Cycle Management Services, and Insurance Claims Management, dental professionals are able to achieve their production, revenue, and profitability goals while focusing on dentistry and the care of their patients.

The services provided by FPC along with its business expertise and financial strength create the foundation to build a thriving dental practice that enables the dental staff to focus on the specific activities that will grow their dental practice and enhance the patient experience.

We focus on the Business of Dentistry so you can be the Dentist.

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