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We would like to inform you that First Pacific Corporation has undergone a transformation and we are now operating under our new name, Resolv Healthcare. As a result of this change, our website information will be found at
At Resolv Healthcare, we remain committed to providing you with exceptional billing and revenue cycle services that meet your needs.
We encourage you to visit to learn more about our solution offerings, and how we can assist you with your business needs. Our new website features an easy-to-navigate layout with detailed information about our services.
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The Resov Healthcare Team

Providing Business Solutions to Dental Practices For Over 60 Years!

First Pacific Corporation now Resolv Healthcare provides Revenue Cycle Management and other vital financial services that increase efficiency and promote financial growth for dental practices.

Running a dental practice is challenging. Cash flow, insurance processing, and treatment acceptance are just a few of the daily hurdles you face. We’re here to help. For over 60 years, we’ve built our business on partnering with dentists to help your practice reach it’s highest financial potential - increasing production, revenue, profitability, and enhancing your patient care.

Increase Production

Increase Revenue

Increase Profitability

Enhance Patient Care

FPC is Your Solution

FPC provides professional and cost-effective Revenue Cycle Services that improve the financial strength and efficiency of a dental practice. By utilizing our suite of financial and Revenue Cycle Services, and Insurance Claims Management, dental professionals are able to achieve their production, revenue, and profitability goals while focusing on dentistry and the care of their patients.

The services provided by FPC along with its business expertise and financial strength create the foundation to build a thriving dental practice that enables the dental staff to focus on the specific activities that will grow their dental practice and enhance the patient experience.


Our Funding Service provides stable and predictable cash flow to Dental Practices with cash-advances on production.

With FPC, you no longer have to wait weeks or months for payment on your production.


Our Revenue Cycle Management team will follow up with unpaid claims.

We manage your billing and collection activities, so your staff’s time is freed up to focus on the most critical needs of your practice & patients. 


FPC offers short-term interest-free Patient Payment Plans

Promote patient treatment plan acceptance and increases production and revenue to the practice.


We know that Insurance Verification can be extremely time consuming for your front desk team.

We provide your practice with Insurance eligibility and benefits, so your staff’s time is freed up to focus on the most critical needs of your practice.


Our expert medical billing team will submit claims for you while getting the highest reimbursement possible.

At FPC, we have in place the training and knowledge needed to bill dental procedures to medical insurance. 


Reducing your cash outflow while reducing your IT costs.

First Pacific Corporation can provide you with technology solutions that benefit your entire dental practice.


Streamline the process of getting you and your associates enrolled in an insurance company’s provider network.

We complete the credentialing process so you can focus on dentistry and the care of your patients.

We focus on the Business of Dentistry so you can be the Dentist.

Let's get started! Call us at 800-544-2345 to schedule an appointment with a representative or click on the button to request your Free Consult.

Expand Your Team without Hiring

Our Teams become the doctor’s team. We relieve the burden of additional staffing.
Our FPC Teams are trained experts working for the benefit of your practice.

FPC Client
Management Team


Online and Phone Support

Provides Software Training and Support

Dedicated Client Manager

Review Monthly Financial Reports

FPC Patient
Management Team


Monthly Statements

Telephone Support

Online Payment Support

Past Due Account Follow up

FPC Practice
Solutions Consultant


Analyze Your Practice Data

Provide Best Practices Coaching

Goal Setting

Improve Efficiencies and Profitability

Our dental industry experience and expertise in patient billing, insurance claims management, and dental practice consulting, enables our dental clients to focus on providing high-quality services to their patients and growing their practice.

At First Pacific Corporation, our mission is to provide dentists with professional business solutions that increase productivity, enhance patient care, and maximize profitability.

FPC is committed to providing professional, innovative, business solutions for dental practices nationwide. Our dedicated team delivers excellent service with a commitment to integrity and loyalty.

Ready to bring your practice to the next level?
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Dr. Pruitt


“When I began my business relationship with First Pacific Corp, it was to alleviate the mundane tasks that every business office is responsible to do such as billing and posting payments in a timely manner. Having FPC take these burdens out of our office has given my staff the opportunity to refocus on more productive tasks to maximize our profitability, without compromising the time and care we give to our patients.”

Dr. Heaney


"I joined FPC 29 years ago because I needed help with billing and cash flow as the practice was growing. These services have allowed my practice to run more efficiently and allow me to manage my practice without the stress of unpredictable payments from Insurance companies and patients."

Dr. Bender


“My practice has been with FPC for over 20 years.  At every turn, they have provided the support needed to keep us going.  From IT support, software training, practice growth consulting, and billing services, FPC has our back.  If I didn't work with FPC I would likely need at least 2 more full-time employees.  I love that FPC is an entire company working behind the scenes to make business management easy so that as providers we can focus on quality patient care.”

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